VenturSource President, David Fussell, has held over 30 patents across 10 countries. He has produced dozens of products for U.S. and International distribution. One product, Ornamotion®, has sold over 60 million units worldwide. Below are a select gallery of just a few of David’s many product developments. Download a partial list of David’s patents.

rEvolve is the world’s first folding camping chair that rotates 360°. One model also features on-board electronics and built-in speakers.

Air Shot® was the world’s first rechargeable, portable air compressor on the market.

Air Shot® gave David the experience in sourcing prototyping and injection molding.

Ornamotion® revolutionized Christmas by animating ornaments and figurines.

David not only has experience in the retail market, he’s versed in the sports licensing field as shown in the MLB package for Ornamotion®.

This revolutionary Conversion Plug employs a chip that can convert up to 300V A/C power to D/C.

Nyloc Nut