As a consultant, David has worked with marketing companies and manufacturers of all sizes throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

As an author, David has written the book The Secret to Making Your Invention a Reality, as well as published articles on licensing and manufacturing, in trade magazines such as Inventor’s Digest and Success Magazine.

As a speaker, David has addressed universities, small business owners, and inventors speaking on product development/introduction, manufacturing, licensing, and marketing techniques. David has conducted workshops for Small Business Development Centers in Georgia and Florida.

As an inventor, David has delivered many successful inventions.  One product, a holiday ornament sensation – Ornamotion®,  has sold over 60 million units worldwide.  He has held 30 patents across ten countries.  Finally, as a manufacturer for clients, David has produced dozens of products for U.S. and worldwide distribution.

David’s diverse body of experience includes work with motors, compressors and pumps,

electrical devices, microchip design, electronics, PCB fabrication, surface-mount technology, and Christmas products. He has hands-on experience with plastic injection tooling and production, from manufacturing huge hundred-gallon containers to tiny micro-gears used in the watch industry.

If you have the next great product idea, but don’t know how to make it real, and are skeptical of the hyped-up “inventor company” ads, you need to contact David. There’s a great chance his guidance can make your dream come true.

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